If you install some of the CTP (Community Technology Previews) on your dev box and they start screwing with each other, as I had with installing a few in the wrong order to get to the SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory), then you’ll want to uninstall them and try again. Easier said than done.

I couldn’t get rid of the SCSF and I didn’t know what could be preventing its uninstall (you just see an empty dialog box with no text, just an OK button). That’s how I came across msizap.exe. It’s from MS but it’s packaged with the Windows SDK, which is huge, so download it from Msizap.exe removes all of the Windows Installer information for a product and also clears any product registry keys.

There’s also msiinv.exe which you can download from It provides information on products installed on your box and would be useful for clean-ups. Certainly if you want to cleanly uninstall the GAX (Guidance Automation Extensions) you first have to uninstall all of the Guidance Packages and you may have some betas lurking in your system.

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