VoIP on Orange Nokia N82

Orange have disabled the Internet Telephone menu on the Nokia N82 to prevent their subscribers setting up VoIP accounts using the built in SIP stack. You can still use Fring but you can’t use Truphone, Gizmo, etc.. Also, Orange customer support are clueless as are Nokia customer support. I’m being generous here, my opinion is they were directly lying to me. Only Carphone Warehouse were honest about the problem.

To get a working phone you have to debrand it. I managed this with the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS), the EURO 1 product code, the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) and a hard reset.

With NSS (Beta I did the following:
1. Installed choosing Virtual USB device.
2. Started in PC Suite mode (N82 set to PC Suite mode throughout).
3. Clicked on the magnifying glass.
4. Phone Info > Scan
5. Product Code > Enable > Read
6. Entered the EURO 1 product code (0549174)
7. Write
8. Tools > Full Factory > Reset

I restarted my phone just to make sure this hadn’t bricked the device.

With NSU I had to set up Comodo Firewall just so as NSU uses some odd ports, amongst other, less than sensible, programming decisions by Nokia. I was then able to reflash the firmware (v.20.0.062).

Next you have to reset the device so it uses the new firmware. I tried the reset using * + 3 + “Call button” simultaneously while turning on (aka Vulcan nerve pinch) but that didn’t seem to help so I used Ezra’s instructions for a hard reset. Now all the menu options are enabled!

I restored just my contacts list from PC Suite and nothing else. Now I have Truphone and Gizmo working no problem at all and I’ll try to set up Sipgate next.

Here are some other folks experiences: Nokia N82 Debrand & Update, Eric’s Corner.